100 Days of Songwriting

Habit Tracker

Download and print the 100 Days of Songwriting Habit Tracker. Pin it to a surface that you see every day.

100 Days of Songwriting is a motivational and inspirational community that helps songwriters get into the habit of writing daily.


Composers, lyricists, singer/songwriters, beat makers, beginner and advanced, are all welcome.

How it Works

Everyone comes up with their own songwriting rule, something they can commit to for 100 days in a row. 

We post our work daily, as an intensive practice, in a judgement-free zone. 100 day challenges are held twice a year with additional activities offered in-between.

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It's nice to have a place where I can go for some encouragement or a boost when I'm stuck. I really enjoy being a part of a community where we can support and encourage each other's creativity. 

Cece Yentzen

Singer Songwriter

Being surrounded by musicians who shared their own creative ideas and experiences helped me develop my own methods as well as inspiring creativity in myself.

Rosie Ogunade

Participating in the 100 Days of Songwriting started out of curiosity for me, but has grown into an incredible tool for accessing creativity. Through composition and arranging I have opened up a whole new aspect of my career.

Graham Yates

Composer & Piano Teacher