About us

100 Days of Songwriting is a motivational and inspirational community that helps songwriters, composers, lyricists, and producers get into the habit of writing, sharing, and collaborating so that we all move the needle forward—finish songs, share albums and illuminate our gifts.

All are welcome. It doesn’t matter your race, sexual orientation, belief system, age, or experience level, you have a place here.

Our founder

It all started with a question: what is the one thing I can do to make the biggest impact on my music? What if I turn that one thing into a daily habit?  After my first 100 days (Spring of 2017), I went from cover musician despairing that I would never write and perform an original, to a songwriter with two new songs that I love and a whole bunch in the hopper. Twice a year I join my community in the 100 day challenge, focusing on one new way to stretch and grow as a songwriter.

Learn about how Rigel formed this community using the Mighty Networks platform, On Building Momentum through Gentle Accountability: Meet Rigel Thurston.

Rigel Thurston is a full-time musician gigging weekly in Austin, Texas. He teaches piano, voice, home studio production, songwriting and runs the 100 Days of songwriting community.

Rigel started this community in the spring of 2017 with a small group of friends meeting in his converted garage studio. After the first 100 days he witnessed his own transformation from cover-artist to songwriter. As the community grew and success stories kept churning out, he decided to make it official by creating a private platform with a mission to inspire and encourage songwriters of all experience levels, shapes, and sizes. 

Today it is a thriving community with open mics, workshops, prompts, song-critiques, and activities that give structure to songwriters' lives. Rigel continues to grow his songwriting alongside the members. You can learn more about his musical journey by checking out his website: rigelthurston.com

Rigel Windsong Littledeer Thurston

Founder/CEO - Songwriter

Community benefits

It's hard to put an exact value on "community" because you get back what you put into it. All I can say is that my songwriting and many others have become transformed by participating in this community. One of my favorite things about a 'formal' educational learning environment is how it creates energy and productivity while the course is in session. But when it ends, so does the momentum. I wanted to create a space that cultivates that same energy but keeps going indefinitely and is affordable.

Community membership gives you access to:

  • A private network with serious and supportive songwriters.
  • Two 100-day challenges a year. One starts in the first week of March, and the other starts in the first week of September.
  • Two album challenges a year. These typically take place between the two 100-day challenges to focus on finishing and sharing your music.
  • Monthly song critiques with a Berklee professor.
  • Attend monthly and weekly ZOOM meetings and workshops where you'll get to know fellow songwriters and sharpen your skills. Meetups are member-led.
  • Free intro workshop with five quick-start songwriting exercises and resources to get the juices flowing immediately.
  • Give and receive feedback on songs in a healthy and productive way.
  • Monthly open mics.
  • Group collaborations and co-writing activities.
  • Post audio files directly from your phone.
  • Own your content.
  • No ads.
  • Mobile app.
  • Privacy, your content is viewable by members only. We don't sell your data.
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