Artist Highlight – Dave

A word from our founder, Rigel: "It has been an absolute joy getting to know Dave over the last year or so. I have learned a lot from this guy, from the heartfelt way he approaches lyrics, to his thoughtful song arrangements. Dave doesn't simply have a good songwriting habit, he cranks out completed songs at an incredible rate. I am inspired."

Meet Dave

Dave is from Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK

Dave is from Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK.

What do you do during the day (job, student, etc.)?

Day job is an unrelated admin job within an office supplies company.


Do you have any guilty pleasures in music?

Not a fan of anything ‘Spice Girls’, but I think the Bryan Adams/Mel C hit, ‘When You’re Gone’, is one of the best pop records ever and will always have me singing along. Barbara Streisand, ‘Stoney End’ album is another regular in the player. Other than that, I am a fan of most sorts of music, so guilt is not something that comes into it. There is a small list of acts that I actively dislike, but that’s maybe for another time.

What does your songwriting habit look like?

My songwriting habit is generally to be ‘writing’ every day. Writing can take the form of ‘thought’, playing an instrument, sitting down at a desk to physically write or construct, but as long as I have my voice notes/recorder or pen and paper to hand, I can write in some form.

Who are your influences? How have they shaped you?

Family is the obvious starting point, but also ... as the previous answer .... other than possibly McCartney, they all have a definite style, but they give the impression that they could actually do/write anything. Completing an online Pat Pattison course was a game changer for me in terms of songwriting, and I often refer back to the notes from that course. He is a great teacher and inspiration.

How has developing a songwriting practice affected your life?

Yes, in that it can be all consuming at times which means family/house/garden have periods of neglect. I am lucky in having a supportive wife.

What challenge are you facing with songwriting?

I guess my challenge is completing an end product. Many songs written and either part recorded, or still on the page, sometimes still in my head. I have hundreds of songs that I can’t display, should it be required. I need to discipline myself to produce ‘basic‘ demo’s. 
Work I have either completed, or posted for public view can be seen/heard on my Bandcamp page or on my YouTube channel. In the coming months I will also be launching music under the name ‘Summertown’.

What Day of 100 is your piece from?:

All my specific 100 Days posts are on the ‘old’ site, so the piece chosen was recent, and after the last session closed.

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Bacon & Beans

Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be ........ A cowboy 🤠

I’ve been riding this trail

For most of my life

I’ve camped under the moonlight

On every cattle drive

Still I count my blessings

Every day that I survive

I need a break from this old routine

I hear coyote roaming through my dreams

These leathered hands have long since been clean

And I’m tired of bacon and beans

I’ve ridden with the best

But still a lonely man am I

My heart took a beating

When I watched my brother die

Like so many men before him

When the river rose too high

I’m getting tired of this old routine

I hear coyote roaming through my dreams

These leathered hands have long since been clean

And I’m tired of bacon and beans

I’m getting restless in the saddle

I’ve found love for when I’m home

And though my heart is on the trail

I’m getting tired of sleeping alone

I’ll hang up my bandana (soon) and

Breathe some dust free air

Marry my sweetheart

If she’ll take the wear and tear

Buy some land in Montana

Build a farm and settle there

I’ll say goodbye to this old routine

To the coyote roaming through my dreams

My hands may soften and be clean

There’ll be no more bacon and beans

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