Beta Workshop:

How to Crush Writer's Block in 100 Days

Hey Beta Tester,

My main goal for this workshop is to instill in the songwriter that there are always actions you can take to move the needle forward. Song is mystery. We don't have control over whether it's going to be great, or change lives, but we can create an environment that increases the chances of happy accidents.

My hope is to create a workshop, with your help, that will:

  • Keep the juices flowing when you're not feeling inspired.
  • Fit into busy schedules (20 minutes or less).
  • Increase the number of tools in your songwriting tool belt.
  • Have a low enough bar of entry for absolute beginners, but enough depth to be useful for the more advanced.
  • Connect songwriters of all ages and skill levels.

The beta testing started March 7th and will continue through to June 14th, 2020. You are welcome to join in at any point.

If you haven't signed up to be a beta tester, please do so below.