Our community puts on two 100 days of songwriting challenges and two EP challenges a year.

2021 schedule

January 15-30 Doors open

January 30th - Winter EP Challenge

Doors close

February 20 - March 6 Doors open

March 6th - Spring 100 Days of songwriting

Doors Close

July 10 - 24 Doors open

July 24th - Summer EP Challenge

Doors close

August 21 - September 4 Doors open

September 4 - Fall 100 Days of songwriting

Doors Close through the end of the year.

The 100 days of songwriting helps us generate song ideas and completed pieces. It's a season of exploration and limiting the reach of our internal editor.

The EP album challenge helps us bring order to the sometimes chaotic bits of song ideas, melodies, and chord progressions scattered between our hard drive, notebook, and voice memos. It's a time to invite the editor back in to make sense of it all. We put our work into a collection that honors the effort we put in and allows our friends, family, and fans to appreciate it as well. You might even make a little money.