New Platform Transition and Questions

We are moving to a new platform hosted by a company called Mighty Networks.

Moving Instructions

Instructions for moving your account to our new Mighty Networks platform.

  1. Create your new account on Mighty Networks using your custom Legacy Membership link found in the email I sent you. This will take you to a signup page for Legacy members only. Your Legacy plan includes a free month to take any pressure off the transition.
  2. Save activity from the old membership site. Before you cancel your account, please browse through your activity feed and save anything that you don’t have stored on your computer or device. Once we shut down the old platform in August we won’t have access to it.
  3. Cancel your old account when you are ready. Go to the Membership Menu and click My Account.

Under Subscriptions click the tiny “cancel” button.

Finalize your cancellation and you’re done!

Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions. I can easily cancel for you if it’s too much trouble:

Question and Answers

Is the old site staying in place?

I am leaving the old membership open for the month of July to help people make the transition, but then I will be shutting it down

Will I still have access to all the workshops, song critiques and other videos?

Yes. Everything that is part of the paid membership will be transferred over to the new site during the month of July.

Changes Coming to Our Facebook Group

I wanted to give you a heads up about a change I am making to our Facebook group. For the last couple years the group has been set to “closed/private." Which means that anyone who wanders by must request approval before they can see what's going on on the inside. It also means that group members can't share posts from within the group to the outside world. This is about to change.

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How to Start Your First 100 Days of Songwriting.

Do one tiny act of songwriting every day for 100 days in a row.

The smaller the better. You can always get extra credit by doing more. Lyrics (sung or spoken), instrumentals, and beats are all fair game. Some people upload audio snippets of their work, other people type up lyrics, take a photo, or post a link from Youtube or Soundcloud. 

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