Changes Coming to Our Facebook Group

I wanted to give you a heads up about a change I am making to our Facebook group. For the last couple years the group has been set to “closed/private." Which means that anyone who wanders by must request approval before they can see what's going on on the inside. It also means that group members can't share posts from within the group to the outside world. This is about to change.


In the next week I am switching the group from “closed/private” to “closed/public.” People will still have to request approval to participate in the group, but whatever's happening inside the group will be viewable to passers by. That also means that if there is a post or video inside the group that you want to share on your own page you will now be able to do that.

What won’t be changing is it’s free-ness. It will always be free. But I will continue to require approval, which I do manually; applicants will still have to give me an email address and answer a few questions just so I know they are real human beings.

If you really want that more private group experience that will be available inside the membership site.

If you want to know more about why I'm doing this, continue reading. It get's a little nerdy.

Intimacy Gradient

Many decisions in my life have been heavily influenced by an architect named Christopher Alexander, specifically his book “A Pattern Language” (1970). He places great importance on the need for any space, designed for human beings, to contain elements of privacy and communality. There must also be a transitional space between the two for humans to feel at home in the space. He calls this the Intimacy Gradient.

In my own life, when I walk into some buildings/homes/outdoor spaces I feel like the space is honoring my humanity. In other spaces I don't get that feeling.


Not honoring = Road > sidewalk > bathroom door > bathroom.

Honoring = Road > sidewalk > trees, plants, burm > semi-private fence > yard/courtyard > covered area > front door > living room > hallway > bathroom door > bathroom.

Notice the gentle transition between the public and private space. This is what humans like.

I see the Facebook Group as a transitional space between the crazy busy world and the inner sanctum of creativity. Think of it as the front porch to a home. You can still see the street and wave at people passing by, but it’s quiet enough to have a conversation and safe enough for your child to play without fear of them getting hit by someone in a hurry.

When someone new comes to our group I want them to feel like their humanity is being honored.

Have an awesome week!

–Rigel Windsong Little Deer Thurston
Songwriter - Community Builder

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