100 Days of Songwriting is a motivational and inspirational community that helps songwriters, composers, lyricists, and producers get into the habit of writing, sharing, and collaborating so that we all move the needle forward—finish songs, share albums and illumine the gifts we have been given.

All are welcome. It doesn’t matter your race, sexual orientation, belief system, age, experience level, or genre of music, you have a place here.

How it Works

Everyone comes up with their own songwriting rule and tries to stick to it. This challenge is not a song-a-day competition. Your rule can include any activity related to songwriting: lyrics, brainstorming, melodies, chords, etc.

We post our work inside of a judgment-free private community. 100 day challenges and album challenges are held twice a year with additional activities offered in-between (workshops, open mics, and collaborations).

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