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1. Post recent work

2. Use your true identity

3. Don't use this group as a promotional platform or to get clients

4. Don't give feedback or suggestions without clear permission

5. What happens in the group stays in the group

6. No Plagiarizing

7. Respect everyone's privacy 

8. Be kind and courteous

9. No personal attacks or bullying

Ground Rules for Discussion

Before starting or engaging in a discussion, ask yourself, “am I trying to convince, or am I trying to understand?”

The purpose of understanding vs. convincing is that we elevate friendship over “being right”.

With that in mind let’s go over a few basic ground rules:

  1. Speak from your own experience. Use “I” statements and share examples from your own life. 
  2. No name calling.
  3. Respect all people.
  4. Stick to the topic.

If you can’t agree to these basic rules please don’t start or enter into a discussion.