Highlights Reel: Fall 2019 – Day 30

This is the 100 Days of Songwriting highlights reel from our first month of the Fall 2019 100 day challenge. This is also our first highlights reel ever!

I am so encouraged by the ten songwriters who submitted their work—got a little teary-eyed listening to everyone's heart and soul coming through these speakers.


Disclaimer: contains explicit language in some songs.

Here is the youtube link (share with friends):

Here is the audio. You can listen here, or subscribe to the 100 Days of Songwriting podcast and stream it over there. 

I want to especially thank the dedicated songwriters who submitted, and who are also contributing regularly in our membership. You all make this group awesome!

Bryan: Greensboro, North Carolina, US
Raphael: Elgin, Texas, US
David: Lichfield, England
Jade: Somontín, Spain
Evan: Cedar Park, Texas, US
Greg: Austin, Texas, US
Liz: Austin, Texas, US
David: Elgin, Texas, US
Robert: Hamilton, US

–Rigel Windsong Little Deer Thurston
Founder - Songwriter - Teacher

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