100 Days of Songwriting

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Tap Into your Creativity 

100 Days of Songwriting is a motivational and inspirational community that helps songwriters get into the habit of writing daily.

How it Works

Everyone comes up with their own songwriting rule, something they can commit to for 100 days in a row.

We post our work daily, as an intensive practice, in a judgement-free zone. 100 day challenges are held twice a year with additional activities offered in-between.


Opened up a whole new aspect of my career

Participating in the 100 Days of Songwriting started out of curiosity for me, but has grown into an incredible tool for accessing creativity. Through composition and arranging I have opened up a whole new aspect of my career, and I believe coming at it through 100 Days has helped keep me feeling adventurous and lighthearted about my creations. I love the format and the non-judgmental, quasi-accountability nature of the group.

Graham Yates Composer/Piano Teacher

A community of like-minded souls

Let's face it - we songwriters are an odd breed. We're out here, doing our strange little thing - hashing out melodies, jotting down snippets of conversation, tapping out rhythms on random restaurant tables.....It's nice to spend time (even virtual time) among people who understand our weirdness and know how to weird right along with us. That's one of the benefits I found in Rigel's 100 Days of Songwriting: Feeling less alone and being part of a community of like-minded souls on this songwriting journey.

Erin Friedman Singer Songwriter

Song is where it all starts

As a DIY musician who has to wear all the hats of the new music industry, it's easy to forget sometimes that the actual song is where it all starts. 100 Days Of Songwriting was a refreshing way to make sure I carved out a little time each day to song write! There was no pressure to get anything finished or perfect, but I could sleep easy knowing I had moved a little closer to writing a great song!

Tyler Wallace Band Leader

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