Discussion Takeover

Welcome to the discussion takeover page! Here you will find instruction on taking over our weekly discussion questions.

The most important thing is that a discussion question is posted at the crack of dawn every Friday morning (Central Time, US).

This activity is one of our community rituals. Maintaining consistency communicates stability and a gentle structure for songwriters to hang on to.

Things to consider:

  • Make sure your discussion question relates to the theme of the month. You can view the monthly themes here, Monthly themes.
  • Try mixing in polls and questions that people can answer within 15-30 seconds along with more thought provoking ones. The purpose of these questions are to get folks involved, particularly the ones who are not comfortable sharing their work.


You are responsible for leading the discussion questions for each Friday of the month. Your start date should be in the email I sent you.

1. Watch the video on how to post a discussion question

2. Join the Test Environment to see what it looks like before going live.

3. Consider scheduling your question ahead of time so it goes out first thing Friday morning (Central Time, US).

4. Be sure to mark each post as "featured," so it shows up in the featured section. But please "un-feature" the previous week so we keep the section tidy. FYI, this function is not accessible in the app. You will need to be logged in through your web browser.

Click the three dots: > Add This To...

Click "Featured."