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What People Are Saying:


Knowing that I was not alone in the struggle was both a comfort and a source of motivation

Through the 100 Days of Songwriting, I've seen my own creative expressions grow and evolve. Some efforts turn out better than others, but by striving to create something every day, for 100 days, you push yourself to explore different creative avenues and pathways that you might not have ventured into before. Not only do you learn a lot about yourself as an artist, but participating in the 100 Days also provides you with a warm and vibrant community to further encourage your creative journey. I've thoroughly enjoyed every time I've participated in the 100 Days of Songwriting, and I look forward to continuing on!

There are a number of takeaways from the 100 Days of Songwriting...but I think an important one to note is just how valuable a supportive community is for a process like the 100 Days. Even if you're the persistent type, producing some form of songwriting/creativity for 100 straight days is a daunting undertaking. But for me, knowing that I was not alone in the struggle (for it can be a struggle at times) was both a comfort and a source of motivation. It's rewarding to push on through the tougher days; it's inspiring to see what your colleagues create; and, furthermore, it's encouraging to have an individual like Rigel at the helm of the whole thing.

Evan Easley - Musician/Songwriter

Opened up a whole new aspect of my career

Participating in the 100 Days of Songwriting started out of curiosity for me, but has grown into an incredible tool for accessing creativity. Through composition and arranging I have opened up a whole new aspect of my career, and I believe coming at it through 100 Days has helped keep me feeling adventurous and lighthearted about my creations. I love the format and the non-judgmental, quasi-accountability nature of the group.

Graham Yates - Composer/Piano Teacher

Being surrounded by musicians who shared their own creative ideas and experiences helped me develop my own

I came across 100 days when I was looking for resources to help motivate creativity and frequency in songwriting. Songwriting has always been a challenge for me, and with the inner self critical voice, most musicians have to endure, I was never satisfied with anything I did write resulting in never having a finished product. 100 days allowed me to get out of my own head when it comes to approaching songwriting. Being surrounded by musicians who shared their own creative ideas and experiences helped me develop my own methods as well as inspiring creativity in myself.

I learned that songwriting is a continuous process and being a perfectionist is very much counterproductive. When you have an idea, you should stick with it, not because it's going to be great but just to keep good habit, rather than giving up almost immediately. The more you work at it, the better ideas become. As well as this, always share your ideas if you can. Although this can be very daunting (and still is for me), when you are too close to something clarity can be difficult and you may be overly harsh towards your own work. Getting feedback from others can be a positive experience to receive validation for good ideas. Not only this but you can gain important and useful constructive criticism which can help develop and improve your own work. It's incredibly useful having an outsider coming at it from a different perspective rather than just your own.

Rosie Ogunade

In spite of a very busy life, I do have the time for writing

100 Days of Songwriting has been a good motivator for me, I quite often get a song idea at non-ideal moments and I always intend to write them down later. More often than not though, the idea disappears by the time I remember I had one! Having the platform to share it and the underlying challenge of pushing myself to try to write for 100 consecutive days meant I recorded and noted down a lot more of my day to day musings.

There were also occasions where I opened the site and just wrote straight into my status without a preconceived ideas in mind and sometimes it just flowed. Many of these smaller, spur of the moment ramblings, have been worked on since, forming verses or choruses for a full piece. Having a space to share it, full of like-minded and creative individuals, allows you to grow as a writer...experiencing the work of others can also inspire you and become the starting point of your next big idea too.

The community is very welcoming and positive on the whole, so although I am personally not new to the world of writing I could see it being a great safe space for anyone who has never shared their work or never written anything before at all.

I wrote 30/100 the first time around and probably 70/100 days this time around so it was definitely a kick in the backside to get me into gear and I hope to someday manage 100/100!

Although I didn't manage to write every single day of the challenge I have realized that in spite of a very busy life, I do have the time to make time for writing, which is a revelation as I have spent months at a time with the mindset that I am just too busy for music, or with a maybe at the weekend, maybe next month attitude. So i have learned to take five for myself even if it is only five!

Jade Xuereb - Songwriter

It got me songwriting again

I did the 100 days that started about a year ago. The great thing about it is it got me songwriting again, I hadn't written anything for several years. I kept it up for about 60 days, then got sidetracked by the holidays. But the main thing was it got me back in the writing process, and seeing that I could still do it. My writing has continued off and on since then and I've finished some songs I like. So it worked for me...looking forward to the next 100 days and hoping I can stay with it to the end!

Greg Jones - Songwriter

The key to our craft

Participating in the 100 Days of Songwriting has been inspiring to me. I'm crazy busy and I have all kinds of excuses, but writing EVERY day, is the key to our craft. I didn't feel the pressure to be perfect, in fact, I rarely posted things I actually wrote. However, I watched posts, enjoyed commenting and got a good dose of guilt (in a good way) when I was slacking in my own writing ... which was most of the time. I'm releasing my first album "Gypsy With Me" that I co-wrote last year. I've done very little writing since and I'm feeling the hole that it leaves when you don't do it. I'm looking forward to the next 100 days for inspiration, camaraderie and productivity!!

Sarah Rooney - Singer Songwriter

It is nice to have support and encouragement from fellow musicians of all styles, of all ages, and from all over the world.

I have participated in all five sessions of 100 Days of Songwriting. Although I have not been able to participate as regularly as I wished, my output during the sessions was dramatically greater than beforehand. The quality and range of the music I've made has been a pleasant surprise. It is nice to have support and encouragement from fellow musicians of all styles, of all ages, and from all over the world.

I re-learned that my style is essentially improvisational and that I use the recording "studio" as the primary instrument. Originally my best efforts were inspired solely by synthesizer sounds and studio effects. Recently I've had more success tackling self-imposed compositional challenges such as unfamiliar modes, scales, song structures, and rhythms. After more than 40 years I'm still a disciple of Eno, having begun with single-voice single-oscillator synths. Today's nearly infinite sound options are almost crippling, so I'm experimenting with narrowing them down and considering restricting myself to a simple synth and basic orchestral patches for a while in order to ensure the music flows. The need to be able to capture the patches with the recording actually reduces spontaneity, so I may go back to analog synthesis.

I've actually surprised myself with some of what I've created

Rigel's 100 Day Songwriting promotions have been very helpful in getting me into the habit of creating music.

I've had a DAW for a while, but for long stretches I just never do anything with it. This program has given me a push to get active.

I've actually surprised myself with some of what I've created, and I've learned a lot about the creative process. One key is that I've found that it actually takes work to create a song or composition, at least in my case. It's not that inspiration just falls out of the sky. There's a lot of trial and error, finding the exact right sounds and correct sequences before feeling that at long last there is a piece of music that communicates the initial spark of an idea or story.

I'm looking forward to the next 100 days and in the meantime, I'm pushing myself to continue to create, create, create.

Roger Harrison

I kept going

I kept going and because of the habits of writing every day I was able to come up with 100 new sets of lyrics as a result of participating in the 100 days of songwriting challenge…I definitely encourage everybody to get involved in the challenge whether you are doing lyrics, melody, or both.

Jon Ross - Singer Songwriter

A community of like-minded souls

Let's face it - we songwriters are an odd breed. We're out here, doing our strange little thing - hashing out melodies, jotting down snippets of conversation, tapping out rhythms on random restaurant tables.....It's nice to spend time (even virtual time) among people who understand our weirdness and know how to weird right along with us. That's one of the benefits I found in Rigel's 100 Days of Songwriting: Feeling less alone and being part of a community of like-minded souls on this songwriting journey.

Erin Friedman - Singer Songwriter

Rubbing minds together

Being a part of the 100 Days of Songwriting back in 2018 gave me that push and stimulation I very much needed to improve on the frequency and quality of my songwriting. Rubbing minds together with, and receiving invaluable advice from experienced professionals and amateurs like myself, has helped me hone my writing skills. I'm very glad to be a part of a group that feels very much like home. Thanks Rigel for that wonderful initiative!

Chidinma Brown - Songwriter

Hone my craft

I really appreciate what Rigel has done in organizing efforts to make songwriting a habit. It’s helped me hone my craft and been a great forum to share my work.

Jonathan Herman - Songwriter

Song is where it all starts

As a DIY musician who has to wear all the hats of the new music industry, it's easy to forget sometimes that the actual song is where it all starts. 100 Days Of Songwriting was a refreshing way to make sure I carved out a little time each day to song write! There was no pressure to get anything finished or perfect, but I could sleep easy knowing I had moved a little closer to writing a great song!

Tyler Wallace - Band Leader

A boost when I'm stuck

My participation in 100 days of Songwriting has been a wonderful experience. I've really appreciated the support and the advice I've received that helped me through the struggles that we all have... struggles with time management, struggles with finding that melody or phrase we're looking for. It's nice to have a place where I can go for some encouragement or a boost when I'm stuck. I really enjoy being a part of a community where we can support and encourage each other's creativity.

Cece Yentzen - Singer Songwriter

Notebook full of ideas and completed songs

I highly recommend the 100 Days of Songwriting group led by Rigel Thurston.

I participated in last summer’s 100 Days, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You can set your own personal goal for the 100 Days, and I set a goal of spending 10 minutes a day on my songwriting. By the end of the 100 Days I had a notebook full of ideas and completed songs, several of which I am currently recording with my band.

This group stands out over a lot of Songwriting groups I’ve participated in. Instead of getting a constant barrage of publicity, ego-posturing, and bickering in my feed, I was inspired by the diverse approaches that other members took toward their songwriting, and I felt completely safe sharing my creative process with the group. After the 100 Days were over, Rigel hosted a fun Live Meetup where we were able to give each other creative feedback on our current projects. I even met a few new friends.

I am so excited to start another 100 Days! Come join us!

Cat Winske - Band Leader