Introduction: Getting Set Up

Hi songwriter!

Are you ready to CRUSH writers block?

This course is meant to be a companion to the 100 days of songwriting. The lessons and exercises build on each other, but each one can also standalone as a songwriting activity. This course is in the Beta stage. As a beta tester you are agreeing to give feedback along the way. If something doesn't make sense or a section could be improved upon I receive your words with open arms!

If you are not already signed up to my Beta Tester email list sign up below.

The goal of this course is to help you:

  • Build songwriting momentum/get your mojo back.
  • Tap into the vast well of ideas that dwell in your unconscious mind.
  • Master basic songwriting skills that you can add to your tool belt.
  • Develop skills sequentially that create an environment for happy accidents.
  • Complete songs.

What you will need:

  • Recording device (smart phone, DAW, or dictaphone)
  • Pad and paper, or word processor.
  • Instrument (optional): Piano, keyboard, piano app (smartphone), guitar.

You can still do this workshop without an instrument. I provide instrumental tracks for any of the exercises that require chords.

*I teach using the piano, and it's my preference for this course. The advantage of the piano is that it's linear. Up means up and down means down. Visual shapes can translate directly to melodies on the piano. I believe the piano also has a lower bar of entry than say guitar, because you don't have to build up calluses, you just push buttons. So this is my gentle pitch for you to get some sort of keyboard.

What to do:

This course is meant to be a companion to the 100 days of songwriting

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions about how to get started please shoot me an email at: