Week 2: Create A/B Melodies

The whole point of this exercise is to start with a simple repeatable idea that you make small adjustment to until it turns into something you like.

If you can't repeat your initial idea it's too complicated. Simplify. Take away some notes; make the rhythm less complicated. 


  1. Start your recorder (on your phone or other device)
  2. Start a 5 minute timer.
  3. Pick the first 2-3 chords of a popular song that you know, or use one of the 4 Sample Chord Patterns (below).
  4. Play the chord and sing or play a 2-4 note melody starting on the 1, 3, or 5. If you don't know what I mean by "starting on the 1, 3, or 5" watch this video. Modify the notes until it feels good to you. This is your A melody.
  5. Create a second melody. It can be very similar to the original or drastically different. This is your B melody.
  6. Play your A and B melody back to back over the same chords.

4 Sample Chord Patterns

Feel free to use these chords to improvise over.

Cmaj7  Fmaj7 (64 bpm)

C  Em  Am7  (64 bpm)

G7  C7 (120 bpm)

Montuno  Dm7  G7 (114bpm)

Slightly More Advanced

What to post

Share an audio or video clip of your A and B melodies in the main feed.


Questions and Feedback

Is there any part of the lesson that could be more clear? What would make your experience better? Are there any benefits to this exercise that I am missing? Please leave feedback in the comments below. For more immediate assistance shoot me an email at rigel@100daysofsongwriting.com