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What do you do when you don't know what to write? How do you keep the juices flowing when self-judgment takes over, or life circumstances suffocate your creativity? Some people use this as a rationale to quit. But there is another way. 

This 5-week workshop is a companion to the 100-day challenge to kick it off with a ton of momentum. It's excellent for novice songwriters who need a little direction and hand-holding. It's also great for the more experienced songwriter who needs a nudge to get back in the habit. Both will benefit from learning in front of each other in a playful judgment-free zone.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Master five songwriting tools (3 lyric and 2 melodic)
  • Generate massive momentum and a dependable songwriting habit
  • Never fear the blank page again
  • Tap into the vast well of ideas that are waiting to come out
  • Learn how to create an environment for happy accidents to occur

What to expect

Each week, you will get a new exercise that takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete. We will practice each one for a week until we've mastered it. It can "count" as your daily songwriting practice, or be used as a supplement to longer songwriting sessions. Either way, these tools will become a stop-gap between manic-transcendent-songwriting-flow and quitting because of blank-page syndrome.

Inside the 5-week workshop:

  • Weekly interactive workshops on ZOOM (Tuesday’s Noon - 1 pm). If you can't make it, they will be uploaded and available to replay at your leisure.
  • Pre-recorded video exercises, with step by step instructions.
  • Feedback from your workshop leader once a week: hands-on guidance and a sounding board.
  • Forever access to all pre-recorded videos, LIVE sessions, and your workshop cohort.

Once the workshop is over, you may continue practicing your newly mastered tools in the main 100 Days of Songwriting feed, or just use them when you're running low on inspiration. 

This workshop is only available to community members. In order to access the course you will need to first sign up to the community, and then navigate to the workshops tab, or click the buttons below.

$99 Early bird special ends August 31st

$149 Full price after August 31st

Workshop starts on September 5th.


Step 1: Become a member of our private network on a 7 day trial. Cancel within seven days and you will not be charged. This course is only available to community members.

Step 2: Enroll in the Crush Writer's Block workshop. Do this by either navigating to the Workshops tab inside the membership, or click the button.

We look forward to meeting you!

Community Testimonials

It's nice to have a place where I can go for some encouragement or a boost when I'm stuck. I really enjoy being a part of a community where we can support and encourage each other's creativity. 

Cece Yentzen

Singer Songwriter

Being surrounded by musicians who shared their own creative ideas and experiences helped me develop my own methods as well as inspiring creativity in myself.

Rosie Ogunade

Participating in the 100 Days of Songwriting started out of curiosity for me, but has grown into an incredible tool for accessing creativity. Through composition and arranging I have opened up a whole new aspect of my career.

Graham Yates

Composer & Piano Teacher

Crush Writer's Block Testimonials

I liked the variety in the exercises/prompts that each week brought. It felt like all of the various methods could work well either being used separately or in combination with each other. 

Evan Easley

The simplicity and the surprise of something new each week...

Mandy J

Being able to focus on completing small tasks was really helpful for me.

Brandon Miller