Highlights Reel: Fall 2019 – Day 30

This is the 100 Days of Songwriting highlights reel from our first month of the Fall 2019 100 day challenge. This is also our first highlights reel ever!

I am so encouraged by the ten songwriters who submitted their work—got a little teary-eyed listening to everyone's heart and soul coming through these speakers.

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Songwriting Resources From the Group

This is an ever growing list of books, podcasts, websites, courses, and apps recommended from the brilliant minds within our group. Bookmark this page for your reference.

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Kick-off Party and Daily Rule Fall 2019

Check out all the different daily rules people came up with and processes for keeping themselves on track. What a fun group we have!

–Rigel Windsong Little Deer Thurston
Songwriter - Community Builder

How to Start Your First 100 Days of Songwriting.

Do one tiny act of songwriting every day for 100 days in a row.

The smaller the better. You can always get extra credit by doing more. Lyrics (sung or spoken), instrumentals, and beats are all fair game. Some people upload audio snippets of their work, other people type up lyrics, take a photo, or post a link from Youtube or Soundcloud. 

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